Before you start your own experiments, perhaps you should try this:

To view the orbits with the default values, click on Play and observe how the three Suns chase one another in figure 'eight' orbits. By adjusting slightly the masses and/or the positions and/or the initial velocities of the bodies, you can control the shapes of their orbits.
This is how you change the default values. Click on Pause and then on Reset. By way of an example, to change the mass of the red body, hold the mouse cursor over the first field that displays the value 19000000000.0 in red. The label reads "Mass0". This is the mass of the red body (20 zeroes are added internally, which makes it 1.9e30). Click into the field and change it to something else. The background color of the field changes to yellow while you are editing the number. Hit Enter when finished. The background color changes back to white to indicate that the edit is finished. You can change any of the remaining default values by the same technique.
(Caution: if you want to keep the 'eight' orbits, make only small changes of the masses, positions, or velocities.

When making other experiments with the model, always remember to Pause and Reset before changing any defaults.